This is the End..But Not Really, it’s Mostly the Beginning

The time has come. After two years, I have (along with my classmates) completed the CreComm program.

Well, not fully – technically.

I’m about to head to school to hand in my final written assignment, still have a few Pluganomics podcast episodes to record (hit that subscribe button!), and a three-week work placement to do -BUT- after that, I’m being released back into the wild.

This time, however, I feel more prepared than I have been for anything else in my life, and to say it was the best experience ever is a total understatement. For starters I got to do all kinds of amazing things, like conceive, create, and manage this blog for you, my readers. And being the extreme hip-hop enthusiast that I am, nothing (besides spinning) has given as much joy as writing this weekly post and sharing all the new music I love.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride too.

Having said that, and I’m sure I’m not the only CreComm to have said this, but I plan to continue writing and managing this site. Maybe not every week, but definitely as consistently as possible.

We’ll see where life takes me and my new friends, as I’m sure we’re all off to do some pretty incredible stuff.

Some of my buds have already embarked on this journey, and have landed full-time gigs. Some are off to internships in other cities. And some are planning well-deserved trips to far way places.

Me? I’ll be here in Winnipeg (save for a week in Chicago in May with fellow CreCommers) but I’ll be doing what I love, and that’s spinning at events, going fishing, and hanging out with friends and family.

Some things should just never change.

But mostly I’ll be getting myself organized to find a new job in the communications field. I’m armed and ready to go, thanks to a lot of hard work, both individual, and as part of the many groups I was privileged to work with.

This is the part where I thank everyone I’ve met in the past two years, from my incredibly wonderful and talented instructors and classmates, to RRC support staff, and even the random strangers who contributed to the endless assignments and projects we created during our time in CreComm.

If you’re reading this and considering applying to CreComm, I say do it. BUT, be prepared. It’s a huge commitment, and a totally worthwhile one. It becomes your life and yet it helps positively shape your life.

I guess this means I’m now a part of the famous “CreComm Mafia”.


Lastly, I want to wish all my class of 2016 friends nothing but the best in their future endeavours. I hope we can all stay in touch as much as possible (we are communications professionals after all), and I look forward to following your careers and all the great things you are sure to accomplish.

And to the first-years. It’s great to see such amazing people coming up to take over the preverbal reigns, as we did from the 2015 class. My only advice to you is to keep your heads up and hunker down, no matter how challenging things may seem at times, because you will be happy you did when it’s over.

And enjoy every minute because just like that you will be writing a post like I am now.

Best of luck to you all, and remember, I am, along with the rest of us, just a message or phone call away. If I can help in any way, I’d be happy to do so.

Bye for now, and remember,



(More rap stuff to come later when I get home)


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